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Spirits – Discontent

Discontent, Spirits’ debut full length needs to be checked out by everyone (remotely) into straight edge!

Spirits-7" pre order(ex Test of Time/Beartrap)

Spirits from Boston. It has members of Test of Time and Beartrap. a great melodic hardcore band.You can check out a song on our band camp and a teaser video for this 7” i have 2 pre order packages up. This record will be out in Feb and will be available digitally(iTunes,spotify,amazon,ect) bandcamp- Teaser video- … Continue reading Spirits-7" pre order(ex Test of Time/Beartrap)

Spirits – s/t EP

Out of nowhere here’s Spirits playing sxe as it was played by so many bands just a couple of years ago.

Sounds good. Haven’t heard that many new EP’s I guess, as this is what I can come up with… My favorite albums of 2015 1. Calabrese – Lust for sacrilige 2. Fonija – …bez ime 3. Terrible Feelings – Tremors 4. Noah Gundersen – Carry the ghost 5. Beaten To Death – Unplugged 6. Svffer … Continue reading

Coin Toss Records

Indy Powers of Coin Toss Records on his love for music and surfing the net too much.

2015 according to SWNK

2015 is over. Browse through our yearlists and be ready to discover some great albums…

René Natzel

Pim finally had a lenghty chat with René about World Collapse, True Blue, hardcore, life and ninja’s.

V/A – Skannibal Party 12

A great collection of current day ska music from all over the place in all its varieties. It also lights up the grey winter days.

Hot Water Music – Live In Chicago

The last couple of times I’ve seen the band on stage was really hit or miss. Fortunately they were in less alcoholic spirit when they played Chicago.

Lantlôs (DE) + Falloch (UK)

Het Duitse Lantlôs is een pionier in het post black metal/ shoegaze genre en bracht begin dit jaar het nieuwe album Melting the Sun uit. Met deze plaat brengen ze een nieuwe sound zonder de essentie van het eerdere werk kwijt te raken. Hard en gevoelig! Lantlôs is de oude band van Neige, die met … Continue reading Lantlôs (DE) + Falloch (UK)

First of all: best wishes to everyone! Second of all: new stuff to listen for all you lads! Enjoy and let me know if there’s something you need to review! Iamdisease – Praznina – metallic hardcore – – digital Calf – Bastards anatomy use a unicorn go to apathy – noise/post-rock – – … Continue reading