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Staffan Snitting

A chat with Staffan Snitting. Talking about life, his bands, straight edge, zines and euh… So You Think You Can Dance and Glee…

Emiel Laurant

Emiel played the guitar in Reaching Forward, Downslide, Razor Crusade and No Turning Back amongst others.

Moving to another country = selling all of my bandshirts (+140, lots of OGs)

I decided to try and sell my t-shirts, as I could definitely use the space and money. It’s mostly hardcore. Some bootlegs, some low-value shirts, but also some (hopefully) highly sought after OGs (Chain, INSTED, GB, TFS). I’ll box whatever I don’t sell from September 2, so please email me your offers before then (cescowillemse/gmail). … Continue reading Moving to another country = selling all of my bandshirts (+140, lots of OGs)

Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

[b][url][/url][/b] [b]Just arrived at Straight & Alert::[/b] [url][/url] [u][b]7″[/b][/u] Stick Together – Surviving The Times (euro version) Beware – You Won’t Get The Best Of Me (euro version) [u][b]LP[/b][/u] The Observers – So What’s Left Now Night Birds – The Other Side Of Darkness Sonic Avenues – Television Youth [u][b]T-SHIRT[/b][/u] [b]Straight & Alert – Uniform … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

Reply To: SALE: Vinyl, CDs, Shirts,…. all NEW!

[b]TODAY and TOMORROW first auctions on eBay end: [/b] [url][/url] DRUGFREE ZipUp Jacket in Black YM/XS Straight Edge Cap in Schwarz (Black) Drugfree Socks Weiss/White 36-37 (UK 3,5-4) STRAIGHT EDGE KICKS ASS! Patch X MARKS THE SPOT Pantie 100 DEMONS – SAMURAI T-SHIRT S 100 DEMONS – SAMURAI T-SHIRT M 100 DEMONS – SAMURAI T-SHIRT … Continue reading Reply To: SALE: Vinyl, CDs, Shirts,…. all NEW!

Harm Haverman

Reaching Forward, Razor Crusade, Modern Life Is War and since recently No Turning Back… You know the bands, you know the man.

Gijs Wilbrink

An in-depth talk with Gijs about the future Tenement Kids plans, his past bands, religion, hardcore, Free Bird and paper towels amongst others.

Patrick Kitzel

Spawn, Repel fanzine & records, True Blue, Reaper Records. These names should ring a bell. They’re all linked to one person, Patrick Kitzel.


Dutch straight edge bands are few and far between so it’s about time we pay attention to one of the few and proud hanging tight: ClearxPath from Rotterdam.

Ché Snelting

Looking back on his time with Born From Pain, his youth and the future. A long conversation about his life.