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AYS "Suburban Haze" pre-orders available NOW!

[u][b]LET IT BURN RECORDS[/b] is proud to present [b]AYS’ “[url=]SUBURBAN HAZE[/url]” EP[/b]![/u] [b]AYS[/b] are back! Three years have passed since their last release “[b]Eroded By The Breeze[/b]”, but after touring a lot in Europe, Asia and Australia they finally found some time to record 5 new songs for their new “[b]Suburban Haze[/b]” EP, just in … Continue reading AYS "Suburban Haze" pre-orders available NOW!

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Only a few more days before the NEW [b]AYS EP “[url=]SUBURBAN HAZE[/url]”[/b] will be out! All merch has been printed and here you can see how [b]cool[/b] it turned out to be: [img][/img] [b][u]AYS “SUBURBAN HAZE” SHIRT[/u][/b] [img][/img] [b][u]AYS “SUBURBAN HAZE” CREWNECK[/u][/b] [b]AVAILABLE PACKAGES:[/b] > [url=]”SUBURBAN HAZE” MCD[/url] > [url=]ART PRINT[/url] > [url=]MCD + ART … Continue reading Reply To: AYS "Suburban Haze" pre-orders available NOW!

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New stuff ready to go: – THE KID’S CRUSADE – demo – – THE HOLLOWMEN – “Times Of Anger” 12″ (Canary Islands / Spain / Africa) – FFO Integrity,In Cold Blood or Entombed – – BENT LIFE – “Full Skull” 7″ – FFO Hatebreed, Harm’s Way, Suburban Scum (6131 Records) – digital copy … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Expire touring North America

Bridge Nine’s latest addition, EXPIRE, are excited to hit the road in North America next week in support of their forthcoming album, Pendulum Swings.

I got several souvenirs from this specific album. The CD is still mint and the poster is hang on my bedroom. I am planning to convert the poster to a wide format at because of its unique design that catch my interest.

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