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Suffering Quota – s/t

After a long wait it’s finally here: Suffering Quota’s debut full length. Is it worth the wait?

[b]Best releases[/b] 1. Neighborhood Brats – Recovery 2. The Number Ones – The number ones 3. Hurula – Vi Är Människorna Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För 4. Protestant – In thy name 5. Crows – Better of dead 6. Trophies – There will be no light 7. FJØRT – D’accord 8. Svffer – The lies … Continue reading

2014 according to SWNK

2014 is about over so.. IT’S TIME! TIME TO UNDERST…. look back again… Like every year 🙂

Reply To: Yearlists?

I still need to listen to loads of albums this year, but at this moment, this is it: 1. Slices – Still cruising 2. Planks – Funeral mouth 3. Calabrese – Dayglo necros 4. Downfall of Gaia – Suffocating in the swarm of cranes 5. Gaslight anthem – Handwritten 6. After all – Dawn of … Continue reading Reply To: Yearlists?

Reply To: What band are you in?

I do vocals and guitar for Ortega (Doom/sludge) and vocals for Suffering Quota (Grind)

Reply To: Graanrepubliek label / distro updates

At the pressingplant: drainland / Enabler (MKE) split 7″ Walls – The Future Is Wide Open lp (euro press) after that: Grinding Halt / Suffering Quota split 7″ Grinding Halt / Brito split lp Moloch / Ensorcelor split lp we’re awesome.

Graanrepubliek News; Pine Barrens / Grinding halt split out now!!

The Grinding Halt / Pine Barrens split 7″ is out now!! Blistering hardcore metal fury on both sides there… order and listen [url=]here[/url] . All pre orders will be shipped in the next two days and the other participating labels (Superfi, IFB, Rope or Guillotine, Shove) and bands should all get their copies in the … Continue reading Graanrepubliek News; Pine Barrens / Grinding halt split out now!!