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The Prestige – Black Mouths

Imagine a band that totally loses control on stage and is smashing everyone in the venue with their energetic version of hardcore.

Reply To: In the works

Here’s an overview of the upcoming week: MONDAY – Break Character interview by Rold TUESDAY – Kill The Curse review by Maurice WEDNESDAY – The 101’s interview by Pim THURSDAY – The Prestige review by Maurice FRIDAY – Cheating Death #1 & #2 review by Pim SATURDAY – Beware review by Rold SUNDAY – Kehlvin … Continue reading Reply To: In the works

Reply To: White Russian distro

New stuff in our distro. The Long Haul – Debtors 12″ Listener – Wooden Heart 12″ Goodtime Boys – Are We Now Or Have We Ever Been 10″ Vales – Clarity 12″ The Prestige – Black Mouths 12″ Pariso – Nothing Beyond Everything After 12″

Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

“- Kill The Curse – Of Conformity And Death (FFO Terror, Merauder and Earth Crisis) (Full House Records) – If anyone from the Netherlands want it I can send the CD, otherwise I can make a rip of the CD I’ve got. – Maurice? – The Prestige – Black Mouths ( – If anyone from … Continue reading Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Reply To: Hardcore in non-hardcore places

Loved him in Inception, The Prestige, Now You See Me (I did like that movie) etc, but come one, being Batman’s butler is more awesome than all of that combined. There’s Batman… and a butler. And that’s him. He gets to walk around in the batcave. Awesomeness.

alright! Another week, another batch of releases… If there’s something here you like, let me know and I’ll forward it to you ASAP. ASAP is a bit slow at the moment though as I’m away a couple of days, so don’t get mad if you have to wait a bit… Prolong the agony – All … Continue reading

you should have it in your mail now. Sorry for the late reply! Meat Wave – Delusion moon – Lo-fi post punk – – digital Oregon Trail – Century – modern hardcore – – digital/physical The Fifth Alliance – Death poems – sludge/post-metal/metalcore – – digital Second Youth – s/t – punkrock … Continue reading