Reply To: Reviews – Any takers?

Coma Commander and Left of the Dial reviews coming very soon. Siked to give these two a listen: THE SCAM – 90′s punk / skate punk – BAD ATTITUDE – “Brainfreeze” – ‘oldskool hardcore. Fast and short tracks.’ (feat. member(s?) of Cornered)

Reply To: Clients From Hell

Not necessarily a horror story, but amusing nonetheless. For one of my old employers, we built several sites for this one client. Yuppie, gelled up hair, fast cars, arrogant, cocky, you know the type. Kept calling with shit requests (he called one day to let us know that he had changed the name of one … Continue reading Reply To: Clients From Hell

Record Store Day: a celebration?

Record Store Day. A celebration of indie record stores and vinyl or a marketing scam for the bigger labels to cash in on music at least once a year?

Maniyax Records News

Hey guys, MANIYAX RECORDS is a small mailorder and label for many genres like doom, postrock, hardcore, sludge, crust and much more from Münster, Germany. Please take a look! Cheers, Fabian New/Restock: BLOODY PHOENIX – Ode To Death LP [10 €] EAST OF THE WALL – Ressentiment 2xLP [18 €] FALL OF EFRAFA – Elil … Continue reading Maniyax Records News

Reply To: Strange messages

See, we’re even missing out the best part of that scam shit! It’s not fair. Ok, let’s see if we can get this fixed now. Edit: Ok, that was pretty fast. Private messages can now only be send to people who are friends with eachother. Anybody can PM me though, so if you have any … Continue reading Reply To: Strange messages

Asian Punk Fest 2013

Gary Hostage went to a free Asian Punk Fest and had a good time. Punk all the way.