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Turnstile (USA) & Forced Order (USA)

November 18th 2015, Turnstile live at Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam!!! Since 2010, Turnstile have been reviving and infecting the hardcore community with their unique groovy metallic sound. The band is reminiscent of Warzone with their aggressive vocals that revives \’90s New York hardcore while also remaining fresh in today’s scene. In the last 5 years they … Continue reading Turnstile (USA) & Forced Order (USA)

Wolstad Verbond presenteert: Turnstile + Angel Du$t + King Nine + Last Dayz

Wolstad Verbond presenteert: Turnstile (Hardcore, Amerika) Angel Du$t (Hardcore, Amerika) King Nine (Amerika) Last Dayz (Polen) Entree €8 VVK – €10 aan de deur VOOR VERKOOP; Facebook Event:

Turnstile + Forced Order

‘Nonstop Feeling’ heet de debuutplaat van deze jonge hardcore honden en dat had ook gewoon ‘nonstop gas erop’ kunnen zijn. Wat een dikke riffs, opgekropte energie en messcherpe hardcore songs knallen deze boys eruit! Als een vulkaan die om de paar minuten ontploft. Vergelijkingen met Sugar Ray, Beastie Boys en nog een paar andere grootheden … Continue reading Turnstile + Forced Order

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[u][b]>>>[New Records][/b][/u] [b] Just arrived at STRAIGHT & ALERT HQ[/b] [url][/url] **= limited / colored versions available [u][b]LP[/b][/u] Terror – Live By The Code** The Mongoloids – Mongo Life** Yuppicide – Shinebox** Piece By Piece – ST Backtrack – Darker Half ** Trapped Under Ice – Big Kiss Goodnight** Trapped Under Ice – Secrets Of … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

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[u][b]>>>[Preorders][/b][/u] Some of the records we will recieve soon are available for preorder here [url][/url] [u][b]LP[/b][/u] All Pigs Must Die – God Is War All Pigs Must Die -ST Anchor – Recovery Bloodlet -Entheogen [2ble LP] Converge- Petitioning Forever [2ble LP] De La Soul – 3 Feet High & Rising Death Of Lovers – Buried … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

2015 according to SWNK

2015 is over. Browse through our yearlists and be ready to discover some great albums…

The 10 bands to watch at Groezrock

We’re roughly a week away from Europe’s biggest punk and hardcore festival. With the addition of a new stage a guide to which bands you must check out might be reasonable.

René Natzel

Pim finally had a lenghty chat with René about World Collapse, True Blue, hardcore, life and ninja’s.

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[b][New records] [Preorders][/b] [u][b]>>>[New Records][/b][/u] [b] Just arrived at Straight & Alert HQ:[/b] [url][/url] [u][b]7″[/b][/u] Foreseen – Structural Oppression [u][b]>>>[Preorders][/b][/u] Some of the records we will recieve soon are available for preorder here [url][/url] [u][b]LP[/b][/u] Cro-Mags – Alpha Omega [Official repressingl] Terror – Live By The Code Brutality Will Prevail – Scatter The Ashes Meltdown … Continue reading Reply To: Straight & Alert distro

Dikeman / Serries / Verbruggen ‎– Live At Le Vecteur, Charleroi October 23, 2014 Turnstile – Live Series Cassette Hermon Dekalb – To Repossess The Heart Lamb Of God – Resolution Ólafur Arnalds ‎– Broadchurch

Yearlist 2014

[img][/img] Yearlists, I love them… [b]My favorite albums of 2014[/b] [b]01. Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer – Maritime[/b] By far the album I played most this year, together with their 2012 debut Seed Of Pain. Some really nice harmonies and songs. Those two albums were my soundtrack while riding my bike though the woods and … Continue reading Yearlist 2014

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Fixed that first video for you 😉 That Take Offense sounds pretty cool. I also need to properly check out Turnstile. Any distros carrying that 7″? [youtube][/youtube]