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Unveil – A Flame With Nothing To Feed On

I expected Unveil’s new songs to be good, but I didn’t expect them to make a really great LP altogether. With such a debut LP, Unveil clearly has the potential to become one of the heavyweights of European hardcore.


hey there, unveil just released a new song from the upcoming full lenght “a flame with nothing to feed on”. this will be out on the 21. Jan 2012 on cobra records and catalyst records. Suicidal Pathway by unveil [url=Facebook][/url] [url=Wordpress][/url]

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and another song! Suicidal Pathway by unveil CD-version can now be preordered via Sorry for the spam!

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and if anyone digs the song, the vinyl version can be preordered here: [url][/url]

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download and buy. on of the best things that came out this year so far!

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2012 according to SWNK

Thanks for the support in 2012 people. Before we’re entering 2013 we would like to look back a final time. Time for the infamous yearlists again!

Take It Back Records Compilation (19 songs, free download)

We have just done a compilation of songs from all of our releases and bands, which you can download for free at Artwork by Joon-sung Lim, songs compiled by Henry Apel. Bands: Foreseen, Deadverse, Upright, El Camino Car Crash, Animal Instinct, Liferide, Beggars & Gentry, Unveil and State of Mind.