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LEMURIA South East Asia Tour 2014

I sipped my wine through a plastic bag as people pass by during the show that I went to a few months ago. This is how we drink traditional wine in Jakarta.

Reply To: Shows – any takers?

Anyone interested in a show review (and/or interview with Hatebreed / Agnostic Front) for one of the following dates? NO GUESTLIST POSSIBLE FOR FESTIVAL DATES (which is funny, since half of the dates are festival dates haha). AGNOSTIC FRONT 21.06. F Clisson – Hellfest 22.06. B Brussels – Magasin 4 23.06. D Aachen – Musikbunker … Continue reading Reply To: Shows – any takers?

Reply To: Books

I just finished reading Javier Cercas – The Anatomy Of A Moment Here’s a review of it by the Telegraph which is also pretty much my opinion on the book: The alluring but treacherous borderlands between fact and fiction have never been more attractive to writers and readers, and the Spanish novelist Javier Cercas knows … Continue reading Reply To: Books

The Babadook – It’s probably just me, but if the entire horror community is raving about a movie, I’ll most likely don’t like it. Starts off extremely creepy, but the movie lost me half way with being overtly vague and plotless…the apparantly very deep ending (which I guess I just didn’t get) did nothing for … Continue reading

Red Apollo – Marche Funebre

Red Apollo is the band for you if you don’t like the latest Cult of Luna albums but prefer the colder and older stuff.


Ritual drummer Philipp talks about the eurotour with Soul Control, the Paper Skin record and way more.

Staffan Snitting

A chat with Staffan Snitting. Talking about life, his bands, straight edge, zines and euh… So You Think You Can Dance and Glee…


Robert Hurula on going solo and artistic expression in all forms.

NEW RELEASE: BARGE "No Gain E.P. 7" Out Now! / Webstore Update (New Culo LP!)

GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS / MAILORDER LABEL AND WEBSTORE UPDATE / 04.05.2013 – NEW RELEASE: BARGE “No Gain E.P.” 7″ Out Now on VINYL CONFLICT RECORD LABEL! – BIG EYES, THE SHIRKS, and KREMLIN Tours this Month! – WEBSTORE UPDATE: New CULO, PISSED JEANS, RIVAL MOB, and More! The first release on the new and improved … Continue reading NEW RELEASE: BARGE "No Gain E.P. 7" Out Now! / Webstore Update (New Culo LP!)