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Massive sale (discounts up till 50%)

Sales list updated!! still plenty of stuff to go. 12″/lp’s Amber – Lovesaken €5 (narhardaa) Another Five Minutes – s/t €5 (Pure Heart) As We Draw – Lines Breaking Circles €5 (Throatruiner Records) Ash Borer – demo €5 (vendetta) Attack Of The Mad Axeman – Systematic Death Slaughter €5 Batillus – Concrete Sustain €5(Vendetta) Bhopal … Continue reading Massive sale (discounts up till 50%)

Graanrepubliek uitverkoop (Vogue, Deep Sleep etc)

Lijst met lp’s in de sale weer ge update. Check de website voor de rest van de items op bestellen: graanrepubliek.records at gmail dot com GEEN PM Sale: 12″/lp A.I. Discography €5 (Purepainsugar) Antillectual Testimony €4 (Shield) Asedio s/t €3 (Contraszt) Autistic Youth Idle Minds €5 (Sabotage) Bernays Propaganda – My Personal Holiday €4 … Continue reading Graanrepubliek uitverkoop (Vogue, Deep Sleep etc)


Crawlspace just released a brand new album called “Carved into flesh”. Reason enough for Dennis to meet up with Jurgen (guitar) and Def (bass).

Reply To: Comics

Comic reader here. Although, from what I understand, I should call ‘m graphic novells… Big fan of the sandman series by Neil Gaiman et al. I also read Lucifer, a spin off, which is also very, very good! Next to that I’ve got the gunslinger (’cause that serie by Stephen King is my absolute favorite, … Continue reading Reply To: Comics

Patrick Kitzel

Spawn, Repel fanzine & records, True Blue, Reaper Records. These names should ring a bell. They’re all linked to one person, Patrick Kitzel.

Reply To: Books

I’ve always found the discworlds books hard to read one after the other because the structures is pretty much always the same (looser hero, sleazy mentor-figure tags along, various funny adventures, the meta-dimension where i completely loose track of what’s going on haha). It tend to read like one of those a year so it … Continue reading Reply To: Books