Die Young (TX) is back

According to the band’s facebook profile, Die Young (TX) plans to release new music in 2014.

Ryan Young

Pim had a chat with Ryan Young of Off With Their Heads.

Transit – Young New England

If in ten years you’ll ask me what was my soundtrack for the summer of 2013 I can pretty much guarantee it will be this record.

Ché Snelting

Looking back on his time with Born From Pain, his youth and the future. A long conversation about his life.

Hawser – Young & Restless

Hawser displays enough skill and sense of vibe on ‘Young & Restless’ to convince anyone how pissed of they are.

Young English – I Hate My Friends

I can be very short about this one: annoying, boring and just not good enough. I’ll go as far and say even that last Get Up Kids record is better than this.