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The Truth (srb/cro) Diesel Breath (amsterdam)

The Truth plays old-school hardcore/punk with strong political lyrics. Our local Diesel Breath plays crusty d-beat. Before the show, there will be a presentation on anarchist history and antifascist action struggles which will take place in the Bollox (Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16)

Boy Sets Fire contact info

Boy Sets Fire are playing in Belgium and I want to interview them. I contacted the organisation and they said “no problem, however press is only allowed with permission of the band”. But how do I contact BSF? Their website ain’t what it used to be. Can’t find an e-mail or anthing. Checked they’re MySpace, … Continue reading Boy Sets Fire contact info




Somewhere, far far away from the western galaxy… here lies a group of punk having fun on their journey in PUNK ALAY TOUR 2014.

Marco Abularach

When the first postings about The Icemen from Marco surfaced on the internet I kinda had my doubts. Turned out he’s a great guy!

World Be Free – The Anti Circle

A supergroup (Terror, Gorilla Biscuits) that delivers melodic hardcore punk that never sounds dated or revivalist but catchy and fun!