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Get It Done

Get It Done is a new band from Germany. They have (ex) members of Black Friday ’29, Settle The Score, AYS and Sirens amongst others and are straight edge. Enough reason for me to have a little chat with singer Björn so he can introduce the band.

Hey Bjorn! How are you doing, what’s on your mind?

Hey Pim! Right now I am on my exercise bike, training for my first Half Ironman Triathlon this sunday. I still need to get my stuff together, modificate my bike a little, etc.. We also have 2 Shows this week and I am invited to a marriage, I will do a Half Ironman this weekend, so lots of things are on my mind despite family life and work, of course.

For people not in the know: Who’s in the band and how would you describe Get It Done to people that just decided to look a bit further than their Green Day CD’s?

In the band are the best dudes I ever had a band with. We got Devo on drums, who used to play for Settle the Score, Oglum Firat of Kanakattak on the guitar, Felix on guitar who used to play in AYS and Micha on Bass. He also plays in Static Void and Zaruman and used to play in Sirens. My name is Björn and I have fronted the band Black Friday’29. I guess if you’re into rockish HARDcore, you will probably like what we’re doing. We do listen to a lot of CIV, Dag Nasty, The First Step, Champion, Black Flag but we also like Rockmusic, such as Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Queens of the Stone Age, etc.

Should we see Get It Done as a logical follow-up to Black Friday ‘29, your previous band, or is it a completely different beast to you?

Not really. This band now really consists of persons much different from the BF29 boys. The music is a little more posi, less heavy. The lyrics are following up though, since I still express myself in the same way as in previous songs, I guess. We’re a Straight Edge band and we strive for being positive, healthy, critical and inspiring people.

So what are the plans in the nearby future? You just released the demo, right?

Yeah, just a demo, but we released it on 12“, CD, tape and soon on a -MemoryStick (in cooperation with Outspoken Magazine). Our next plan is to write more songs for a split 7“ or album, play some more shows, perhaps even tour… We will see. No too high goals at this point.

And how about the future? Want to take this band to the same level (or beyond?) as Black Friday ‘29?

We don’t know. In this band two of us have a kid. Three of us have solid jobs, and we’re all getting older, I guess. I wouldn’t want to play out every weekend again.
But then once we have played a show, we all want to play more, so you never know how it will end up.

So what’s the one thing people should remember about Get It Done after reading this short ‘interview’?

That we are a posi Straight Edge Hardcore band, that wants to motivate people to get up and do things, to change things or to exceed their own limits.

It’s not totally band-related but I want to talk about it anyway… I read somewhere you’re a teacher. Something I always admire in people, because that’s probably the most important thing in the world, helping people to learn and educate themselves. But why did you became a teacher and how does it feel? What’s the most rewarding? Or the least haha.

It is a great profession, perhaps one of the best for me. I am happy to work in a school where I am free to do most things I really enjoy. I train the soccer and triathlon teams, I teach swimming and have established to get students to sell fresh fruits for little money once a week. My kids in my class are very interested in organically grown foods and therefore we went to the health food store and interviewed the owner just this week. In two weeks we will cook organically grown, vegan Spaghetti Bolognese.

Before studying this I wanted to study archeology or ethnology. But although that is really interesting, it is really hard to find a job with this examina. Then I remembered how much positive influence teachers can have. So I decided to become a teacher and try to make people aware and to inspire by living an example that is contrary to the life of big parts of this society. Making people become independent thinkers is probably one of the highest goals in life for me.

Rewarding is, when kids come up to you and tell you that they do really trust me and would even ask for serious help if needed, especially when these are kids from classes I don’t teach.

Unrewarding… hm… probably if you see the lives of these kids going downhill, but this hasn’t happened yet.

Also curious what you come up with for this one: If you could change anything in the world right now, what would it be? You know what the Cro Mags said right?

Yeah, but still I would bring WORLD PEACE! And then I would put our greed to a level that is still healthy for humans, animals and the planet.

Ok, to close this off. Get in control, DIY. Ask yourselves a question, and answer it.

What is the capital of the country that was called Uppervolta until 84: Ouagadougou!

Anything else to add?

Stay aware, try to make up your own mind, push the TV off, go out and do something, exceed your limits! Change bad situations step by step and be the best person you can be!

Since they don’t have a BandCamp and I can’t download the tracks anywhere, you’ll have to do with this way too big player:

Check our their Facebook page.

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