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Hardcore Headlines

Most of you who are on twitter have probably heard from them already. A hardcore news account which post sarcastic, comical tweets about typical things from the hardcore music scene.  They have over 3000 followers, even though they started just a few months ago. I decided to do a small interview to see if I could find out who’s behind the hype.

I usually start an interview by asking who you are and what you do but I guess you’re not going to tell us who you are that easily?

You’re right, we aren’t going to tell you. It makes life much easier for us this way – what we can tell you is we are active participants in the hardcore scene, have played in (highly unsuccessful) bands and we are ‘international’. Most of our friends in the scene follow us, and have even communicated directly with us without having a clue they are talking to someone they know – which makes this all the more fun.

Why did you start out with this alternative hardcore media channel?

Because as much as we love hardcore (and we really do), it’s been on its hands and knees BEGGING to have the piss taken out of it for several decades.

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Your previous incarnation was “The Hardcore Herald.” What brought you from blogging to twitter?

We started out writing full articles, and we will continue to do so – just not very often. We started the twitter because we had a stack of headlines sitting around gathering dust waiting for us slackers to write the articles. And sometimes the headline IS the joke, and writing any more would just be milking it.

You’re still active on blogspot, but your newest post is the first in a year. Is it fair to conclude from your twitter description that you’re just being lazy?

We are deeply, DEEPLY lazy. We could make up some more convincing, legitimate excuses, but we are just too lazy. It’s a miracle we are filling this out in all honesty.

Obviously you draw inspiration from some typical hardcore clichés. Besides that, how do you look for something new that you haven’t used already?

A lot of our headlines ‘write themselves’ really, due to the comedic nature of a lot of hardcore and the characters/caricatures who inhabit the scene. We almost certainly will end up repeating ourselves to some degree. Probably very soon. Expect the ‘they’ve really lost it. It’s just not funny anymore’ backlash probably around mid-October this year.

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Although most is made up or exaggerated, some of it comes from things that actually happened or are just true. Do you ever wonder if you’re going to step on people’s toes by posting about a controversial topic?

We can’t imagine anyone would get seriously offended. And we would never write anything that was just spiteful, nasty or hateful, because that just wouldn’t be funny. However, if anyone DID end up genuinely offended, that WOULD be bloody funny.

I’ve been counting a bit and you have an average of two tweets a day. You’re still skipping some days. Is it hard to get new inspiration or do you just post whenever you think of something?

We are indeed skipping some days. We have a bank of headlines already prepared to draw from, but we don’t want to shoot our comedic load prematurely. Some have been ‘tweaked’ for a long time and gone through several iterations to make as funny as possible, and some just pop out of our brains without warning. We aim for two a day, but will miss definitely lots of weekends because we will be lying down, reading comics and shouting at the television.

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How long are you going to keep this up?

No idea. Probably not that long to be honest. Whilst there is a reasonable amount of mileage in hardcore, it is a fairly small subset of a larger whole (i.e. punk – remember punk, kids?), and there is only SO much you can laugh at repeatedly. The Simpsons should have stopped after season 10 or so – it’s up to 23 now. We won’t make that mistake. And yes, we did just compare a crappy ‘comedy’ twitter feed to one of the most popular TV comedies of all time.

Thanks for the interview. I hope more good headlines will come our way soon!

Thanks for the interest! Expect us to be desperately trying to find some way to fleece the kids out of money soon, before we crawl off into the sunset, giggling like five-year-old girls.

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