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When we started this site we asked people what new bands we needed to approach for a ‘new breed’ interview. Inherit was already on my list, but since people suggested them too they moved right to the top. Which is something that seems to happen for them anyway, in between sending these questions and publishing them Reflections Records already signed them. So let’s not waste any more time, anything might happen… Let’s see what Adam & Richard have to say about the band…

Hey, what’s up? What are you doing and/or thinking?

Adam: Yo Pim. All good. I’ve been busy with a bunch of things, so my mind is all over the place. As you know, certain areas of London became close to what one could describe as a war zone over last few days. That includes my own neighbourhood which took me by surprise I must say. It was worrying but things are getting slowly back to normal, at least in my area. Let’s see what the upcoming days and nights bring.

Good luck with that. Things looked brutal over there indeed, damn… Let’s see. Since the Facebook clearly states who’s in the band I’m not going to ask that. You’ve got members of Dirty Money, Cold Snap, Pain Runs Deep and Lightbringer. How did you guys come together?

Richard: Adam and myself had been discussing forming a straight edge band for a while but couldn’t find a suitable drummer. Dave who plays drums for Lightbringer was our first choice but at that time Cold Snap were still going so he didn’t have the time to commit to another band. However Cold Snap split up towards the end of last year and we then started practicing together and working on some songs for a demo. These came together pretty quickly as I already had the basic song structures and guitar parts ready. Then it was a case of trying to find another guitarist and bassist. We tried a couple of people out for both of these but unfortunately for various reasons things didn’t work out. It was at this point we asked Roman (ex Cold Snap singer) to play bass for us and things worked out great. We now have a line up ready to play shows although we’re hoping to add another guitarist to our line up soon as the songs were written with two guitarists in mind.

Adam: The idea of doing this band was based on the fact that I was simply missing a specific kind of hardcore. Lack of identity, ideas and overall dry feeling was crossing my mind on shows quite often. This is not me bitching and complaining. It was my actual observation and state of mind at that time. I’ve been always a firm believer of very simple idea: if you missing something in the scene, do it yourself. This is where it started. My other band was in hiatus and it just made sense to find someone who’s on the same page. I approached Richard on one of the shows as I knew that he can play some serious riffs and at the same time I was hoping that he would feel the same about doing music in certain way. Turned out that we have very similar views on many aspects and it’s way more than just a music taste.

Weird enough, our initial conversation regarding this band took place probably 3-4 years ago…

How would you describe the band to people that never heard you, everyone mentions the Cro Mags which I understand, but the first thing that popped into my mind was Both Worlds (I admit, not that far away from the Cro Mags).

R: If I had to describe the band to someone who hadn’t heard the band before I’d say musically we are influenced by classic late 80s early 90s thrash and crossover. However we’re not just trying to write retro old fashioned songs as there’s no point in trying to recreate the past.

A: It’s very interesting to hear all these names that people come up with, often something that I would never think of in relation to our sound. Luckily all these bands people mentioned are quality acts. Ugh, besides one certain band from Albany…

At the end of the day it all comes down to your own taste and the way you absorb music and sound.

Inherit is based on an old formula but is definitely breathing fresh air. We are aware of the past but we’re here and now. I’d like to think that we use elements of 80’s hardcore and thrash metal as our background and create something unique by adding our own twist. I want to keep this band on its own track.

Both Worlds were great, hands down. I totally dig the message and their vibe. A few crap songs but over all I can relate to every aspect of what they did. Groovy music and positive lyrics and I’m there with you.

The idea of doing this band was based on the fact that I was simply missing a specific kind of hardcore. Lack of identity, ideas and overall dry feeling was crossing my mind on shows quite often.

What are the (future) plans for the band? Is a demo on its way or something?

R: Our initial plan was to release the four songs we’d recorded as a demo, possibly on a cassette. Luckily though the recording came out better than we expected so we sent it to a few labels to see if they would be interested in distributing a 7 inch if Adam released it through his own label The Essence. This bought us to the attention of Johan and Suzanne at Reflections Records in Holland who said they would like to release the four songs as a 7inch. This is obviously a great opportunity for us as a band at such an early stage in our existence and we’re looking forward to releasing the 7 inch at the beginning of October. Once the 7 inch is out we’ll start writing for a full length as well as playing as many shows as possible.

Inherit is a straight edge band, something that seems to get rarer and rarer these days. It’s a bit of a cliché question (like most of these questions in the ‘new breed interviews’) but how important is straight edge to you guys and to the band?

R: Part of the answer to this is contained in your question in that straight edge bands seem to be getting rarer and rarer these days. This was something which was definitely at the front of our minds when Adam and I were discussing forming a band. Also for me there seemed to be a lot of straight edge bands which didn’t really have much to say or what they did say was very direct and simplistic. Not saying we’re a band which have political lyrics etc but one of the reasons I became involved in hardcore more than metal is that I was attracted to the fact some of the bands lyrics were, intelligent, positive and made you think even if you didn’t agree with all the points being made.

A: Straight Edge takes this band to where we just want to be right now. On a personal level is and always has been a solid foundation, a starting point and from there you just take steps forward. It’s never a goal, never an achievement itself. As for the band it is important factor and additional thing that bonds us together.

In “Desire To Grow” you mention “Digging out wisdom that is more and more concealed”. Are you talking about any wisdom in specific?

A: I’m talking about wisdom that is usually hidden from my/our eyes. I’m talking about alternative sources of information, about various books and publications that could help me to understand the current state of the world and my part in it. Anything that gives you knowledge and opens your eyes. So bottom line is that we need to make an effort and look at things through different angles. We need to look for answers instead of just asking questions.

Desire to Grow is in fact something that you could call a straight edge song written from slightly different perspective.

One of the reasons I became involved in hardcore more than metal is that I was attracted to the fact some of the bands lyrics were, intelligent, positive and made you think even if you didn’t agree with all the points being made.

While we’re talking about lyrics, what’s your favourite Inherit lyric so far and why?

A: I’ll start from saying that my lyrics are meant to inspire myself. Having this in mind, every line here is equally important because it builds a bigger picture of my mindset and where I want to be. So I write to myself as a reminder. Gotta say that it’s pretty egocentric. All 3 recorded for EP songs address my/our position in this world and standards that we follow daily.

I grew up in a scene full of inspirational minds, characters, bands and lyrics. It had a massive impact on my youth and thanks to them I am where I am today. It would be great if anything we do could inspire anyone to step back and look at their own lives and maybe move towards better understanding our own ability to change.

When they’re done reading this short interview, what do people really need to remember about Inherit?

A: Inherit is a hardcore band with a positive message. But don’t get fooled – we also like the heavier sound and spirit of 80’s metal. We tend to do our own shit. We keep it tight and sweet.

Something totally unrelated, but I’m curious to see what you come up with. If you could go back in time and change a single moment in history. What would it be and why?

R: I personally wouldn’t go back and change any single moment in history as tempting as that option may be. There’s always the possibility of unintended consequences. By trying to stop one tragedy you could set in motion a series of events that can cause an even greater one down the road.

Ok, let’s close this off. I’m going to let you take control.. Ask yourselves a question, and answer it too.

A: How do we feel about the current state of hardcore?

We feel good about various people, projects and bands. We feel great about hardworking characters with a positive approach within “the scene”. We feel awesome about young and creative minds. We dig when people think and do their own shit. We’re tired of jaded dudes and their bitching and moaning. The past wasn’t better. It was just different. Take it from there.

Anything else to add?

A: Thanks a lot for your time, Pim. You’re doing a great job with your zine and site. Keep it up. Thanks to everyone for reading this and checking us out. Shout outs to European hardcore and Reflections. Our record drops in October – grab your copy, bang your head, read the lyrics and let us know how you feel about it. If we play in your area hit the pit. Hardcore is as good as you want it to be. Love it or leave it. One love.

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