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Never Again

Never Again is probably UK’s hottest band right now and it doesn’t stop there, they’re creating a buzz in other countries too. They’re working hard and deserve it. Knowing they’re great lads first hand from the weekend we did with them in May, I just had to help to spread the word about this band. You probably already know about them but if, for whatever reason, you didn’t and the you’re into this kinda stuff, check them out. Oh and if you’re into them, you should check it out anyway: the footage below that I shot in Nottingham is brand new, just uploaded it…

So what’s happening in the UK at the moment?
Things are getting quite good at the moment, show wise. Seems to be a recent surge of enthusiasm for the core right now which is cool. The last Dead and Gone/Dirty Money show is a good example of that. Some awesome UK bands include: Cold Snap, Rot In Hell, Harbour, Cold Ones, Abolition, Ironclad, The Hard Way etc.

Let’s introduce the lads in the band. Who are you guys?
I’m Pat and I play Guitar. Tomas plays drums, Luke shouts and Andy plays bass. Pretty much all knew each other from the hardcore scene before the band.

So for anyone not in the known yet, how would you describe Never Again to them?
We have been described as somewhere between Youth of Today and Shark Attack, I think thats pretty fair. If you are into bands like Scholastic Deth, SSD, Coke Bust etc then you might like Never Again.

You guys are pretty much blowing up right now, not only in the UK, but there’s talk about you guys everywhere. You should be doing something right… So what’s the secret recipe?
Being Straight Edge…

Haha no seriously though, thanks for saying so. I think people seem to be into us because, at least in the UK, there arn’t too many bands that have a similar sound. Its really cool that kids sing along/stage dive to our band, blows my mind.

What’s coming up for the band? Any big plans cooking?
Always something in the works haha. Euro tour again in August/September with Wayfarer and AYS. Looking forward to that. Also we have a split 7″ with Ironclad and another with Big Deal out soon, as well as a ‘year one’ LP on Holy Roar Records soon. After that we have some more shows and another 7″ planned before releasing our first full length. More info on that soon haha.

Two of you are also running Carry The Weight Records, taking over the torch from Dead And Gone Records. You guys are putting out a shitload of releases in a short time. How is it going?
Yeah Tomas and I do CTW. Its a shame Dead and Gone has ended but we hope to keep the UK on the map. We have a lot planned, including The Hard Way 7″, Rot In Hell/Wayfarer split 7″, Cold Snap 7″ and MANY more. So its all going really well at the moment. People can check the label out at – sweet website eh, Pim?

I’m going to add in a video from your show in Nottingham (check it out above) from the weekend we did with Said And Done and Never Again. Any comment on that show or weekend?
That show/weekend was so much fun. Alot of kids came out and sung along etc, plus Said and Done are one of the best bands in Europe right now. They went down really well and are awesome guys. I stupidly missed half of the Nottingham set, but the Cro Mags cover made up for it 😉

Anything else to add?
Said and Done rules. Also, Shout out to our bro’s Stay Hungry.

Never Again – Anxiety Attack


Their Pressure 7″ (featuring a lovely design by yours truly haha), featuring above track “Anxiety Attack”, is already sold out, but you can download it here (with permission of the band):

They recently released a split with Mind Trap (from Austria), I have some colored editions left in my distro, pick it up.

Get in touch with them on their Myspace.

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