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Not Afraid

Remember True Colors, Justice or Dead Stop? I’m sure you do. Ex-members of those bands got together and present you Not Afraid. Expectations were high and as far as I’m concerned they totally deliver. Their debut EP is great, go pick it up from Control Records. In the meanwhile listen to a track on here and read this short interview (I hate to call these short Q&A things interviews, but in lack of a better word…) with Packo.

Hey Packo, let’s get the mandatory first question out of the way right away. Who’s in Not Afraid and where do we might know them from?

Not Afraid has me on vocals, Gert on drums, Stief and Sike on guitar and Hingie on bass. You might know us from the complete control/powered records catalog.

So what’s going on at the moment? What’s on your mind?

We’re watching Star Wars episode IV right now so I have wookies, jedi knights and scoundrels on my mind.

When you guys introduced the band to the world you used a short text on Minor Threat by Mark Ryan (Supertouch). Who’s idea was that and why did you use it?

That was Stief who wrote that, I think he just liked the idea that there was some kind of essence to what we’re all doing in that little text. We find meaning in things that would leave other people scratching their head, but to us it means something. Don’t ask why, just be inspired when you see a clear example of something like that, you know? I think Stief saw some meaning in those words.

I love the bandname, in a way it comes across really hopeful and positive. How did that one came up?

It’s the first song on the Breakaway ep by Straight Ahead. Do you ever listen to Straight Ahead and wonder “wow, this really exists, how? why?” it’s awfull close to some kind of spiritual experience.

What’s the thing everybody needs to know about the band?

We have an EP out on Control Records and we play live shows.

What are the plans for Not Afraid in the future? What’s coming up? World domination or do you want to take it slowly?

Play shows, hope that it will be the kind where people can stagedive.

Ok to close this off. Get in control, ask yourself a question and answer it too.

What kind of question would you ask yourself?
I would ask myself what question I would ask myself.

Anything I forgot to ask? What needs to be added?

Thanks for the interview. Let’s inspire the youths!

Not Afraid – The Other Side

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