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When a band has been around since 2007 but are just about to release your first 7″ you still count them as ‘new breed’ right? Mark tells us what took em so long and what (or who) they’re sweeping from the streets. Meet Streetsweeper from the USA.

Hey Mark! What’s happening over there, what’s on your mind?

Hey Pim, I gotta lot on my mind right now… The main thing involving the cast and crew of StreetSweeper is the new S/T 7″ we’ve got coming out this summer. We’re not sure of the release date and/or release shows but I can tell you the pre orders are gonna be coming up in the next week or so. We hope to release it during our hot string of shows we’ve got coming up this June. Phil L. and Nick N. of Shoe City Records have been hard at work putting this record together. In addition to that big ups to Morgado (Wrong Side/Dumptruck) for doing the artwork for it, looks BOSS.

So who’s in the band, any bands or things we might know them from? And how would you describe the band to people reading this that need a trigger to press that play button below?

Our current lineup consists of Harry and Eric on Guitar(s), Ryan on Bass, Nick on Drums and myself on vocals. Harry originally is from the Cape where he played his high school years in a power violence band called xDaylightx. Eric played guitar in Pitfall (PFC) out of Marlborough, Ma which in my opinion is one of the most solid hardcore bands to come out of that area. In addition Eric and myself also play in Poor Sport. Nick is the newest member on board, previous to this he played drums in Isolation out of Marlborough/Boston and currently lays the beats down for Anti Venom. As for Ryan and I we put our heads together during our high school years to play and tour in a drum and bass grind/power violence band called The Internet.

For what StreetSweeper is today and what it was back in ’07, the sound is the same: Fast, Heavy Hardcore FFO: Leeway, OLC, Madball, Subzero, District 9, E-Town, Icepick (not the Jaime Jasta project but that band is decent) you get the idea. As you can see we love NYHC, it’s where the HARD in Hardcore came from; groovy, fast and heavy. That really all you need to describe what sound we try to portray in our music. Hopefully that play button will be pressed with confidence now!

So what kinda thrash are you cleaning from the streets?
Man let me tell you, Allston, MA is a dump- It seems like trash day is everyday. Cups, bottles, broken bottles, bodies, anything and everything you name it its on my side walk.

If you’d wanted to take it a step further however, the line “Its time to sweep the streets” can mean many things. Its how you interpret it. Take the literal meaning above or even say its meaning comes for ridding certain individuals from your life, individuals who have done wrong in your eyes and need to be taken out of sight and out of mind. It’s all what’s your good at cleaning (or sweeping) I guess.

I read somewhere that you guys started jamming at the end of 2007, but a 7” is about to come out now. What happened in the meantime? There’s quite some time between that?

It sure is. Back then there were three of us- Harry, Cy and Myself. We initially started the band, wrote around 5 songs and were just waiting on one last member to fill the slot on bass. A year went by and nothing really came of it. Harry took off for a while and Cy moved back to his home of Nashville, TN. I myself was in the thick of school back then. Two years later from the start, Harry and I met back up and decided to pick up where we left off. Next thing you know it we cut a demo thanks to the help of Doug and Justin from The Rival Mob. Ever since the release of it in early January or 2010 we’ve been playing throughout MA and more recently got out to play the Bronx in Early April of 2011.

You guys have a 7” coming out, what should we expect?

Not a huge style change from the demo but we have kicked it up a notch in the thrash department, showcasing some pretty fast riff-age. Other than that I felt that we stick to what people know and love about this band; simple heavy riffs. In the end you can make what you want of it but do pick one up, the artwork on it is real good and so is the label that is putting it out. Peep Shoe City Records.

How about future plans? A new 7” in 2015?

Hmm that’s a tough one to call. I foresee us putting out either a 7″ split or really buckle down and dish out a LP in the next 2 years but as for now that is all wishful thinking. Each of us have busy and stable lives outside of StreetSweeper so it’s tough to get everyone in one room these days. Actually come to think of it, I don’t believe we have had a full band practice in the last 4 months…But to answer your question, expect the unexpected.

So what’s the one thing people should remember about Streetsweeper after reading this short ‘interview’?

If you like to sweep things such as dust, leaves, or make a living driving a street sweeper then by all means check us out.

But for real, this band is bare bones hardcore, no frills, if you dig it then hop on. If not, then I am sure something else will fancy your taste.

Let’s step away from the music for a moment: If you could change anything in the world right now, what would it be? And remember what the Cro Mags said.

Ah the age old question well the first thing that comes to mind, with my most current experiences I’d have to say I which to change the way people look at each other in respect of being prejudice or racist towards a particular party. People of all races have a lot of growing up to do in that respect. We are all humans on one functioning planet, it does not matter where you’re from, what color skin or how you communicate- we are all in this world together…. I mean yes, joking can yield a chuckle or two when in proper context but the real shit hits the fan when people bypass the simple concept that we are all indeed equal…. Talk about a generic answer but hey, people forget about it. Just imagine how we would live today if back in the day we dealt with things differently.

Ok, to close this off. Get in control, DIY. Ask yourselves a question, and answer it.

Is this the year or current decade for the bruins to take the cup with the current standing team?

Yes and if not this year, this it is their time.

Anything else to add?


Thank you Pim for getting at me for this interview and spreading the word about this band. Thanks for each member, new and old for doing your part to keep this going. Phil and Nick at SHOE CITY RECORDS for putting this 7″ out and taking the time to seeing our progress through. Jim at WHERE IT ENDS and all the other zines who have been representing this band and many others in the scene. Props to SECTION 8 RECORDS for repressing our Demo. MAHC, MBHC, LIHC, PFC, CCHC, BHC, and all the bands the heads coming out the shows in the area. Check out VILLAIN, ABOMINATION, COKE FIEND, POOR SPORT, DARKWOODS, NEW LOWS, RIVAL MOB, CAUGHT IN A CROWD and every other band who keeps hardcore alive in 2011 and beyond.

Check out more songs on their BandCamp and pre-order that 7″.

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