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6131 Records sign UK’s Vales (formerly known as Veils)

6131 Records sign UK’s Vales (formerly known as Veils)

It’s with great pleasure that 6131 Records announce the signing of VALES to our label roster!

Soon after their formation, VALES released their first recorded offering, a 3 song demo dubbed “Our Enlightenment Is Dead,” which subsequently sold through 5 pressings. The band then penned and released “Clarity”. The UK 12″ pressing (via Tangled Talk Records) sold out in less than 8 weeks.

Many bands would be content with two impressive releases under their belts in their first year, but VALES insisted on taking their music on the road, playing 100+ shows throughout the UK and Europe since June 2011. Their many tours, including runs alongside Goodtime Boys (Bridge Nine Records) and Suis La Lune (Topshelf Records), have exposed them to an ever-growing throng of enthusiastic supporters throughout Europe.

6131 Records will be releasing the “Clarity” EP by VALES in North America later this year, with a full length to follow in early 2013. The band is also expected to continue their relentless European touring, with a North American tour sometime in the near future as well. In the meantime, check out the song “Caves (Anxiety)” from “Clarity”:

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