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7 Seconds cancel European tour

7 Seconds cancel European tour

7 Seconds cancelled their European tour due to an injury of Kevin Seconds.



I write this e-mail with some very bad and sad news.

7Seconds played a festival in Canada about a week ago and during our set, I injured myself (the calf muscle of my left leg). I had hoped that it was just a pulled or strained muscle and that with rest, compression and a lot of icing it down, it would heal but it turns out that it is much worse of an injury than I initially thought it was.

I just saw a doctor earlier today and after checking out the injury, he believes that I have a torn calf muscle and that I will need surgery to repair it. It’s been one week and I still cannot walk on my left leg and the doctor has informed me that even if I could walk on it, I could do far greater damage to it, now and in the future. It literally could affect the way i walk and move.

He suggested that flying abroad for a great many hours could be dangerous for me, let alone attempting to perform on it for an hour every night.

I absolutely HATE to do this but because of this very serious injury, I’m going to have to postpone the upcoming 7Seconds tour of Europe. I just cannot take the chance of making things worse for my health and I need to schedule surgery time as soon as possible. This will be difficult because, as you have probably come to know, health care in America is very hard to come by for those of us poor and/or working class musicians and artists.

Regardless, I will have to do whatever I can to try and get this injury fixed ASAP.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for this, guys. I realize how hard you have worked to make this tour happen for us and I cannot communicate just how much I and the rest of 7Seconds appreciate it.

Much love and respect,

Kev and the 7Seconds crew

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