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7 Seconds sign with Rise Records

7 Seconds sign with Rise Records

RISE RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of legendary hardcore band 7 SECONDS to its family of artists.

Staying tried and true to their sound, 7 Seconds is back in full effect with a ton of new songs for a 7” and shortly after that, a new full length album. The guys will be heading into the studio this summer in Sacramento to begin the recording process. Amazingly enough, the band still has its original 3 members from 1982: Kevin Seconds, Steve Youth and Troy Mowat, plus Bobby Adams, who has been with the band since 1986. Kevin Seconds, the singer and songwriter, had this to say about the new 7” and forthcoming album, “We have about 20 new songs that we’ll record the best 13 songs from. This new record will be all about the energy and drive we still very much possess as a hardcore band. It’s been 9 long years since we’ve recorded a new album so there’s a great deal of urgency in them, with just the right mixture of both fast and mid-tempo tunes for people to sink their teeth into.“

The next few years will be exciting times for 7 Seconds and Rise Records; lots of new music, tours and talks of re-releasing back catalog for a special edition vinyl box-set. More rumors include the possible recording of their first 20 songs written in 1979 in which only 3 were recorded using a hand held tape recorder.

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