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A389 Recordings to release upcoming Vilipend LP ‘Inamorata’

A389 Recordings to release upcoming Vilipend LP ‘Inamorata’

Baltimore’s A389 Recordings have announced they will be joining forces with Toronto Canada’s VILIPEND to release the band’s new full length LP Inamorata

The band’s sound combines the technical proficiency/reckless abandon of 90’s metalcore ala Turmoil and Deadguy, crossed with the tortured desperation and nihilism of bands such as Buzz’oven and Eyehategod.

Since forming in 2007, VILIPEND have maintained a punishing writing and recording schedule. By 2008, they had released their live-off-the-floor debut EP, Northern Hostility, which was quickly followed by 2009’s Love Left To Rot… EP.

As the band’s momentum grew, vocalist Christopher Gramlich incurred a frightening injury during a live performance, where he fractured an L-1 vertebra after leaping off a stage monitor. After being piled on by fans, who inadvertently broke his wrist and finger as well, he was ultimately forced to go to the hospital in an ambulance. The remainder of VILIPEND finished their set. This injury cruelly interrupted the rise of VILIPEND just as they had begun to establish themselves. Nevertheless, with the help of medical science and an absurd abuse of painkillers, the band trudged on releasing the Plague Bearer 7″ (No List Records, 2010) and the self released Northern Hostility: Live In Ajax CD.

In the wake of the injury and Gramlich’s painful convalescence, VILIPEND began work on their first full-length album, Inamorata. Their most ambitious offering to date. Inamorata embodies the frustration, uncertainty, desperation, loss, resignation and hurt of that period, the desire to recapture what was lost and emerge stronger than before, tempered. The result is a developed, intelligent refinement of their abrasive aesthetic; it’s an album that features greater sonic lushness, conceptual richness and thematic depth.

Listen to the VILIPEND track ‘To Impede The Healing Process’ taken from their LP Inamorata:

Coming soon via A389 Recordings.

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