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Alliance Trax streaming new Blacklisted track

Alliance Trax streaming new Blacklisted track

Japanese label Alliance Trax is releasing Blacklisted’s upcoming “So, You Are A Magician?” on a MCD in Japan.

You can listen to the song Mentalist at this link:

According to bassplayer Dave Mentalist is the “the fastest of the 3 new ones”.

Recently pre-orders for a “So, You Are A Magician?” 7″ and a live @ the BBC 7″ went up at Six Feet Under Records.

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  1. Pim said on 2012-09-26

    Sounds great. Looking forward to that 7″.

    • Lodewijk said on 2012-09-27

      I’m going to put off listening until I have that 7″ on my player. I’m really curious how this’ll sound as a whole.