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ANCHOR and THE HARDCORE HELP FOUDNATION launch the “Survive”-campaign.

ANCHOR and THE HARDCORE HELP FOUDNATION launch the “Survive”-campaign.

Here’s a short statement from the band:

“One of the first bigger shows my mom let me travel to was SICK OF IT ALl, INDECISION and ENSIGN in Stockholm. This was late 90’s. I was in my mid teens. I obviously didn’t know back then hardcore would be my life and those three bands have been fundamental to me.

A few days ago we found out ENSIGN’s Nate Gluck has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. We all have family members or friends who’ve gone through this medical condition and we know how trying it is. We do not have any relation to Nate other than being long time fans of his band. We’ve taken part in a variety of campaigns over the years. Supporting causes we’ve felt strongly about. Whenever we can we want to give a hand. We’ve now joined forces with the Hardcore Help Foundation trying to raise some money and all of the proceeds from the sale will go to Nate. Show your support!” – Claes

So, get that t-shirt!

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