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Antillectual: Fest 11 + USA Tour + Represses

Antillectual: Fest 11 + USA Tour + Represses

Now that their new bass player has learned the ropes, there’s no stopping Antillectual:

While it may seem that we are laying low (our last tour was in December) we are actually planning more than ever: tours, releases and new recordings!

  • Fest 11 + USA Tour
  • Re-releases “Start From Scratch!” and “Testimony”
  • Pre-production recordings and EP

Fest 11 + USA Tour

Can we get a drum roll please? The biggest and best news by far is the tour that we have planned for October and November. After 4 years of absence, we will finally return on American soil. We have been confirmed to play the almighty Fest 11 in Gainesville, and we will be touring the USA on our way down to Fest. Details to be confirmed.

Re-releases “Start From Scratch!” and “Testimony”

Since all LPs of “Start From Scratch!” and all CDs and LPs of “Testimony” are out of stock, we decided to run a second pressing of both albums together with our friends at Shield Recordings. The 350 gatefold LPs of “Start From Scratch!” will be “seein’ red” and “Testimony” will see a reincarnation of 250 LPs in the “grey area”. The 500 “Testimony” CDs will be a jewel case edition.

Pre-production recordings and EP

Having written half a new album already, we decided to book some studio dates. In May we will record these songs to prepare ourselves for the recordings of our fourth full length album next winter. 2 of those new songs will end up on an EP which will be released later this year. Details to be confirmed.

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