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Antillectual: new video and free vegan burgers

Antillectual: new video and free vegan burgers

There you go: the second (and last) music video for the “Start from Scratch!” album.

Part of this video was shot at last year’s Groezrock in Belgium. This year, Just Like Your Mom will be hosting Veggie catering again. We and Just Like Your Mom have a nice exclusive offer for those of you going to Groezrock: wearing an Antillectual shirt at Groezrock means you and one of your best friends (who is a meat eater perhaps?) can get 2 delicious vegan burgers for the price of 1. How about that? To really top it off, our friends from Fairtrade Merch will be selling our shirts at the merch market at Groezrock. It’s up to you to connect the dots..

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