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Blankfile unveils new EP

Blankfile unveils new EP

Serbian band Blankfile unveiled their new, self-titled EP, introducing four new songs. The band is in search for a label, but in the meantime you can download these songs from their bandcamp page and support the band’s future work. Here below, the guys compiled a run-down of the meaning behind each song on the new EP:

I, Alone
The song represents the fight for one’s own integrity and standing up for who you are. It is about the moments when one is confronting all, when doubt stabs you in the heart and when questions overshadow your resolve. This song is our reassurance to ourselves for never giving up when faced with these moments.

Separate The Oceans From The Skies
This is a story about the unpredictability of life. There is no one sustainable truth in life, only parallels of individual perceptions of it and the void in between. Embracing only one is a risk. After realizing the friend you love chose the other and walking away from you, part of your heart will be leaving, too. The more we walk through life, the more parallels we see, the more friends we escort away. So, just make sure each choice you’ve made will one day be worth of the pain.

Far From Your Eyes
There is a whole world of heroes. Still, many of us will rather pray to unknown characters, fictive gods and worship their unproven acts than to perceive small man doing miracles on daily basis. Facts that our lives consist of are diverse for each one of us and for some are truly mournful. Unnatural determination to live even there is not much reason left is the most heroic deed of all. Set your eyes down and you could see that extraordinary titans and heroes are already walking this ground.

Close To Our Hearts
We always choose friends “Close To Our Hearts” before fans close to our stage. Maybe it slowed us down in getting audience approval and “big shot” status, but haven’t prevented us from having great times and learning that the essential of this band is between us, not around us. We get pretty emotional when it comes to this song, because it is an open letter we wrote to each other. This is the song that rounds off our last four years. This is the song of all the songs.

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