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Borrowed Time: the Return Of

Borrowed Time: the Return Of

Becky send in the following news:

Borrowed Time is back! After a multiyear hiatus, Borrowed Time of Rochester, NY is once again playing shows. While most of their upcoming dates are in Rochester, they’re also headed to Canada and Syracuse. Ever since I became aware of Borrowed Time in 2006 I’ve been holding out for a NYC show, so I’m hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

Aug 31 – Rochester, NY
Sept 10 –Rochester, NY
Sept 13 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Sept 14 – Broughton Fest III – East Broughton, Quebec, Canada
Sept 15 – Syracuse, NY

Up next: an interview with Brendan about the return of Borrowed Time, to complement the one I did 7 years ago for Double Rabies.

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