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Bridge 9 rereleasing Carry On’s A Life Less Plagued

Bridge 9 rereleasing Carry On’s A Life Less Plagued

Bridge 9 announced that they will be releasing Carry On’s A Life Less Plagued as well as several other Bridge 9 releases. According Β to a comment on their Facebookpage ‘Each repress will feature elements that we had to cut because of cost the first go around… Can’t take the place of a 1st press but will be well worth it if you already have an original copy!’

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  1. xroldx said on 2011-07-20

    Which other releases should Bridge 9 definitely re-release?

  2. Pim said on 2011-07-20

    No Warning – Suffer, Survive. On vinyl.

  3. xroldx said on 2011-07-20

    I’m going for Shark Attack and American Nightmare Year One,

  4. Just Killing Time said on 2011-07-20

    Sinners & Saints. More people need to get into that band (sleazy rock with Mark Lind from Ducky Boys and White Trash Rob from Blood For Blood).

  5. robin john said on 2011-07-20

    suffer, survive was’nt on bridge 9. it was on machine shop records.
    Or did bridge 9 THE vinyl?

    • Pim said on 2011-07-20

      Bridge 9 had the rights to release the vinyl, even made test-presses (I think 16 or something exist?), but later scrapped the release.

  6. robin john said on 2011-07-21

    ahh ok

  7. Nico said on 2011-07-21

    I am certain these will happen

    Carry On – A Life Less Plagued
    No Warning – Ill Blood
    Champion – Promises Kept (3rd mix)
    American Nightmare – Year One

  8. Nico said on 2011-08-13

    Check this picture taken at TIHC, looks like a Carry On LP on white and a Terror LP on blue.

  9. xroldx said on 2011-08-13

    Couldn’t that be just some left over stock, since the reissues aren’t for sale yet in the Bridge 9 shop?

    Maybe Nab knows, he’s at TIHC if I’m right.

  10. Nico said on 2011-08-13

    Dont think so since it was pressed on orange and clear and black only. Also that terror on blue is new pressing. Plus they sold me the last copy of Carry On at Posi fest 2004. πŸ™‚

  11. xroldx said on 2011-08-13

    I really wonder which new elements the records will have.

  12. Nico said on 2011-08-24

    My conclusion turned out to be true. πŸ™‚