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Comin’ Correct is back with a new album

Comin’ Correct is back with a new album

Twelve years after the last record In Memory Of, Rick Ta Life and Comin’ Correct is back with a new album titled Drugs Destroy Dreams.

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DRUGS DESTROY DREAMS is the long-awaited new record of the NYHC classics COMIN CORRECT. The record is coming out 12 years after the legendary IN MEMORY OF – a must-have for every hardcore kid back then. Now Rick Ta Life & crew are back with 9 brand new songs filled with strong messages, personal and social lyrics, and new mature topics. This record is the strongest proof that the SPIRIT REMAINS! And that we all grew stronger together with our ol’ time favorite bands! Songs like WORLDWIDE HARDCORE praise the expansion of the HARDCORE scene to all corners of the world, and pays tribute to old and new countries on the HARDCORE map. If you happen to be from the Americas, China, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Japan or Bulgaria – you will be called out! The music is crushing New York HARDCORE mixed with classic mid-tempo MOSH, mighty drums, OLD SCHOOL sing-alongs, and a touch of street spirit – COMIN CORRECT – the way it is in 2013! Enjoy!

comin correct - drugs destroy dreams

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