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Dave Smalley announces Kickstarter project to fund solo EP

Dave Smalley announces Kickstarter project to fund solo EP

Dave Smalley has been a punk rock icon over the years – starting with straight edge hardcore heroes DYS in Boston, to post-punkers Dag Nasty in Washington, DC, pop-punk legends ALL in Los Angeles, and skate punks Down By Law in Los Angeles/Tampa. Dave has toured the globe numerous times over, playing literally thousands of shows with some of the biggest names in rock music, and has recorded hundreds of songs for some of punk’s most respected record labels. Now, Dave Smalley is excited to announce that he’ll be following through on his solo career, simply called “Punk Rock Days”. After so many years of dedicating his heart and soul to this musical genre, Dave has a lot of stories to tell, and a lot of songs to sing.

Starting today and running through January 13th, Punk Rock Days will have a pledge system set up with where he’ll aim to raise $6,000.00 to fund the recording and production costs of his forthcoming 4-song E.P. Dave commented, “One of the things that really intrigues me about doing a musical project with is how closely it mirrors the ethics of punk rock and independent music in general. Using Kickstarter makes everyone a part of it, makes the culture we have created true to its roots, and allows independent, honest and true music to survive and thrive. That was one of punk rock’s original ideas; that you didn’t need to be dictated to by big record companies or monopolizing radio stations forcing generic music on you. You could start or support a band, do a label, write a zine, or just be a part of a scene that mattered – all DIY.”

Dave Smalley’s solo E.P. was recorded in Washington, DC at Inner Ear Studios with legendary producer Don Zientara, who is well known for his work with Minor Threat, Fugazi, Jawbox, and countless others. Punk Rock Days’ eponymous debut will feature two new, original songs as well as two Dag Nasty covers, and is some of his best work in his 30+ year-long career thus far. Dave went on to say, “I think over the years, so many supportive people have been so encouraging to me and told me how much the music has meant to them – and that means everything to me. I hope Kickstarter can help me make more music for people to enjoy, and continue the heart and spirit of what we’ve all built up and been a part of for so long. That’s really something I think longtime fans can understand.”

Check out Punk Rock Dave’s Kickstarter page here, and stay tuned for more information regarding Dave’s forthcoming performances and E.P. release in 2012.

Punk Rock Days online:

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