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Deposit Man to release angry debut

Deposit Man to release angry debut

Brand spanking new punk band Deposit Man from Oulu, Finland has released their first single. The anger-charged track Tyranny leads Deposit Man’s debut EP, which is due to be released during May 2016.

Formed in November 2014 by four punk Dads in their 30s, Deposit Man plays melodic punk with lyrics that cover politics in the government, at work and at home. The band consists of four Oulu-based players: Lance Fono, Elias Casanova, Matti Honkala and Janne Knuuti.

Tyranny was composed by Elias Casanova with lyrics written by Lance Fono. “I wrote it to piss of liberals, but I am a liberal, but I hate liberals”, says New Zealand born Samoan singer/guitarist Lance Fono.

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