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Devil In Me – The End video release

Devil In Me – The End video release

Devil in Me – The End is out now and can be ordered from

Devil In Me are one of Portugal’s finest exports and with 2 full length albums under their belt, they release their third and most important release via GSR Music. Titled “The End”, the new Devil In Me album is a breath of fresh air that is their most ambitious project to date and takes a concept that broaches the end of our times and fuses that with massive anthems built for pile ons, sing-alongs and stage dives. A rich, well rounded production courtesy of Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid showcases Devil In Me’s trademark uplifting melody mixed with their upbeat, positive energy that is forthright in every song on “The End”. This is the sound of Hardcore Punk in 2012 and despite having a fresh and vibrant sound, Devil In Me’s roots of bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Religion and the Misfits shine through from time to time giving a little bit of familiarity for any first time listener that appreciates a great Hardcore Punk record. Devil In Me will defy you not to fall in love with this album and if you take a listen just once, you’ll hear exactly why, because “The End” is anthem after anthem of Hardcore Punk. “The End” is just the start for Devil In Me and 2012 will be their best year yet.

This world is coming to an end
it’s about time we do something to change it…

We would like to thank our inspiring friends who join us in this wake up call :

Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, Madball, Terror, Comeback Kid, Murphys Law, No Warning, Wisdom in Chains, Trapped Under Ice, Skam Dusk, Down To Nothing, Defeater, Your Demise, No Turning Back, Reality Slap, Born From Pain, Death Threat, A Wilhelm Scream

Director – Pedro Matos
Editor – Sérgio Pedro
Cameras – Duarte Domingos, João Nabais, Miguel Correia

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