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Entering the void

Entering the void

A website? Yes, aside from the Myspace page and the Facebook page (that 8 people managed to find!) I just added this website for Some Will Never Know too. Going digital, full speed ahead.

Just to make things clear, paper zines are still WAY cooler than e-zines and no iPad or Kindle is going to change that. I know. And yes, issue #2 is still going to get finished and released as a paper zine. So why, this website?

For one, I want to post the interviews from issue #1 on here (starting with the Jonah Jenkins & Patrick Kitzel ones you can read below, but more to follow), for people that didn’t manage to get issue #1 (although I still have a box of copies left). Aside from that I don’t want to put the whole thing on hold anymore because I’m waiting on some answers. Those interviews are getting outdated a bit every month of waiting. And considering the fact that I have less and less time it was a pretty simple choice to make: Or quit it all together or do it differently. Since I love doing those interviews, it was a pretty easy choice to make. In the end it’s not about the form, but about the content right?

This blog gives me the opportunity to release interviews the minute they’re done, to post about new bands I just discovered (did you hear Malice yet?), to send out news when it’s still relevant etc. Just whenever I feel like it. Feature & layout-wise it’s not done yet, I’ll probably add stuff along the ride, but for now this should work as a nice starting point.

Anyway I’m still going to finish #2 somewhere this year (I know I said the same last year), I’ll probably need to update some of those interviews here and there, but the biggest chunk of work is done (including most of the lay-out). I’ll keep you all updated through this site.

So we’ll see how this is going to work. Wish me luck. Oh and all feedback is welcome. I’m totally open to suggestions!

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