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Expire hits the studio next week to record debut album for Bridge 9

Expire hits the studio next week to record debut album for Bridge 9

Bridge Nine newcomers / Midwest Hardcore’s finest, Expire, are excited to begin recording their debut full-length for the label on January 30th, 2012. The band will be holed up at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee, WI for the following week, laying down the tracks that will be their yet-to-be-titled LP. Also at the helm will be Jay Maas of Getaway Recordings, as he will be handling the mixing and mastering aspects of the album. This record is sure to be one of the heaviest exports from the Midwest this year, and Expire guitarist Zach Dear commented, “I know it’s what every band is “supposed to say” about their newest records, but these are no question the best Expire songs to date. We’ve been working extremely hard and can only hope that people will be as siked as we are on the finished product.”

Expire hails from various states in the Midwest and plays hardcore the way it was meant to be. The band released a demo in late 2009, followed by the well-received Grim Rhythm 7inch in Spring of 2010. Expire went on to play Rain Fest, Sound & Fury and This is Hardcore that same year and released the Suffer the Cycle 7inch on Six Feet Under Records in Spring of 2011. Expire played United Blood and Sound & Fury festivals that same year, and did a largely successful European tour this past Fall with labelmates Foundation. No strangers to the road, 2012 will see Expire touring, touring, touring and releasing their new album this coming Spring. Stay tuned to for more news and information on Expire’s forthcoming Bridge Nine full-length.

Also, EXPIRE started working on a tour documentary this past summer and Part 2 is finally available for your viewing pleasure here:

If you missed part one, here it is:


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