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Faith and Void releases announced

Faith and Void releases announced

Dischord Records has announced ‘new ‘ releases from Faith and Void:

We at Dischord are excited to announce two albums from the “vault” to be released this fall,Faith Subject to Change plus First Demo and Void Sessions 1981-83.

Subject to Change is being re-issued and extended into a full-length with the addition of the tracks from Faith’s first demo, recorded in December 1981 at Inner Ear Studio. The original tapes have been remastered by TJ Lipple and sound better than ever! The official USA release date is September 26th.

Void’s Sessions 1981-83, scheduled to be released on CD and LP + MP3 on October 24th, is a collection of early demos, out-takes and live tracks. The album features 34 tracks including: 20 tracks recorded in November 1981 at Hit and Run Studios (and never officially released); 10 tracks recorded and mixed in December 1981 at Inner Ear Studios (including the Flex Your Head cuts and the songs that ended up on the Condensed Flesh 7”); 2 tracks recorded in June 1982 at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara (out-takes from the Faith/Void LP); 2 live tracks from 1983.

Both albums will be released on CD and LP+MP3 and features liner notes and lots of period photos.

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