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FORESEEN post new song called “Structural Oppression”

FORESEEN post new song called “Structural Oppression”

New EP called “Structural Oppression” out early 2013 onĀ Take It Back Records & Collision Records.

Pre-order info coming soon.


Frustration boils over as only the symptoms are cured
and the real causes are just wiped out of our sights.
Temporary solutions and desperate measures
as the unemployment rates are on the rise.

Structural oppression.
Bureaucracy’s complexity.
Increasing competition in badly employing industry.
The future is bleak without education they say
Part of the welfare-lines on the day you graduate.

Potential torn to pieces. Blatant abuse of cheap labour.
They suck you dry and push you back to the point from where you started.

Back to the square one.

Ruthless exploitation of the machinery
turned against the ones in need.

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