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GIHC stream unmastered teaser for upcoming Minutes 12″

GIHC stream unmastered teaser for upcoming Minutes 12″

Newly founded german distro/label Good Intentions HC will be releasing the debut 12″ of Minutes and have an unmastered teaser streaming on their bandCamp.

Minutes do play a style that would sit well with fans of bands like Struggle or Ink And Dagger. Although I&D might be a bit of a stretch they sure remind me a lot of the hectic changes and overall sound of Struggle. Of course I use the word hectic in the context of ebullition, old glory, gravity kinda bands and not those bands that Converge is the best example of. The 90’s sure are bleeding all over this band yet they managed to make it sound fresh. Probably that’s due to the most amazing thing about it which is that the guys in the band are on the younger side and previous to me telling them what they remind me of had never heard of any of the bands or labels I just mentioned. But listen for yourself.¬†And say hi on facebook if you like the band.

[bandcamp album=3530281042 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande]

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