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Giveaway – I want your feedback

Giveaway – I want your feedback

CONTEST CLOSED – Winners will be announced soon!

Hey all,

Some different kind of content this time. Usually you receive gifts on your birthday right? Well, let’s turn tables for once. I would like to give some stuff away today. Here’s what I have to offer:

Lot 1

  • Some Will Never Know #2 (100 page zine with Marco Abularach, Che Snelting, Johan Prenger, Daniel Rosen, Jos Houtveen etc. etc.)
  • Some Will Never Know #1 (88 page zine with Jonah Jenkins, Patrick Kitzel, Harm Haverman, Didier Baert etc. – 2008 – OUT OF PRINT)
  • Pressure Release 2007 Compilation tape + booklet (30(!) bands including Black Haven, Citizens Patrol, Dirty Money, Said And Done, World Collapse etc. etc. – 2007 – SOLD OUT)
  • Said And Done – Weight Of The World 7″ (2010)
  • Back To Back #6 (Trial, Spirit 84, Born From Pain – OUT OF PRINT)
  • Bust! #1 (Fit Of Anger, True Blue, Reaching Forward, Skarhead etc. – 2000 – OUT OF PRINT)
  • HoldxBack #1 (Mainstrike, Ray Cappo, Rise Above etc. – 1999 – OUT OF PRINT)
  • Sailin On #2 (Turn The Screw, New Morality, Rise Above, Champion, Slapshot & Betray etc. – OUT OF PRINT)
  • Rising Tide Fanzine #1 (Said And Done, Nothing Done, One Voice etc. – 2007 – OUT OF PRINT)
  • Value Of Strength #8 & #9 (BIG 144 pages issue with Buried Alive, The Hope Conspiracy, A18, New Age Records, Sworn In etc. etc. – 2003 – OUT OF PRINT)

Lot 2

So how can you win this stuff? It’s pretty simple.

Lot 1
To win this one just reply to this post with what you like to see added to SWNK. Just pretend you’re in charge of SWNK for a bit. What would you change, what would you add? In the end I’m doing this for you reading this, so who better to ask than you. The interviews for instance are not going anywhere, but maybe you guys want to see them broken into bits, so you can digest them more easily haha. Or maybe you’re missing a forum or daily hardcore news. Things like that. Suggestions on future content are welcome too. Anything. The best / most interesting reply will win. And yes, I’ll be the judge of that. Don’t feel like putting those suggestions in the open and rather email me? Use the contact form on the site or pim [nospam]

CONTEST CLOSED – Winners will be announced soon!

Lot 2
Don’t feel like typing, can’t come up with anything you would change, want to spread your chances of winning anything or simply want that Tenement Kids demotape? To win this one just spread the word about the site. Share our link on Facebook (Join us!) or Twitter (include the hashtag #swnk). From all the mentions / shares I’ll randomly pick a winner.

CONTEST CLOSED – Winners will be announced soon!

Other rules, or the lack of them:

  • You don’t have to make a choice, you can try to win both.
  • Anyone can enter, doesn’t matter where you live. Postage will be killing me, but I don’t mind.
  • You don’t have to spam people to death while spreading the word, mentioning it once is enough.
  • ‘Contest’ runs until the 18th of April 2011. Commenting and promoting is appreciated even after that deadline of course.

Hope you guys give me some good feedback, in a way I would be receiving a nice birthday gift from you all after all haha.

Take care,
PS> Oh and no worries, they’re all doubles. I wouldn’t give that stuff away if I didn’t had a copy for myself anymore. And they are, as expected, used (aside from the Some Will Never Know zines, Said And Done 7″ and tapes).

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