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Goldust interview (with subtitles) on Du Hasst Gut Reden

Goldust interview (with subtitles) on Du Hasst Gut Reden

A month ago or something Rene of Du Hasst Gut Reden approached us about the video interviews they were doing. I loved the one they did with Deal With It, but the ones in German weren’t really working for us, since everything’s in English on this site (aside from some stubborn Dutch posts hehe). So after mailing back and forth a bit they decided to add subtitles to their latest video, the one with Goldust. And they even went a step further and hooked us up with a full translation. So here you go, enjoy. Oh and do check out Goldust, good people.

If you don’t see any subtitles, press the CC button, or just read below:


We are three fifths of Goldust. My name is Robert and I play guitar. My name is Chris and I play the other guitar. My name is Lars, lyrics and vocals. Aside from that we have Christoph playing bass and another Christoph playing drums, who can be heard playing the piano right now.

Goldust – Deathrite – Tour

I think it’s just amazing to be surrounded by your best friends for ten days, being able to watch one of my favourite bands play every night for ten days and… it’s a little bit like family… almost… but really almost only… but nonetheless it fits snugly with Deathrite and we just can’t imagine another band to do something like this in the future with… never again! It just fits on a personal level, musically, humour – very important! We, the old men and the young and wild, we manage splitting the difference, which means going to sleep somewhere between 11pm and 2 am sometimes, however the status might be.

Last releases

All four seven inches were supposed to be released by March 2011. The split with Full of Hell came out in January, right before touring. It’s October
2011 now, and we recorded in November 2010, the four records came out between January and July 2011. We were quite productive at the end of the last year, right now we are… daily routine got in our way… basically we are still productive now, the good thing is, facing all the split seven inches, no one recognizes, that we haven’t written new songs in some time. But having recorded all the songs some time ago, we were able to release them bit by bit on the splits. I think it’s a good thing, having recorded material and being able to release it permanently instead of putting out nothing in years. It’s a cool thing basically.

Lars and lyrics

Of course I’ve got an arsenal of lyrics, which I can access. I’m constantly writing, even if I don’t write it down. I constitute things I’m experiencing or I’m feeling in my head at the very moment. When time is ripe and I have a song structure, I try to transfer them into actual lyrics. My approach, or better the immanence of my lyrics changed a little bit. In the beginning, for example on the axis LP, it was very, very… how can I say… exterior, “the world is coming to an end”, this typical apocalyptic. But I never saw it in a whole context, like “the world is doomed”. I think, if you look closer, you can see, that it can be interpreted on an interpersonal level, which I also retired from to turn over my interior. That’s what drives me. If I wasn’t writing or screaming, I probably wouldn’t be functioning in daily routine.


When we found eachother, we started nearly at point zero. It was pretty much learning by doing, we just started playing. We started out as a straight edge band, partially with a straight edge message, but not only… it could be seen very quickly, that especially the lyrics written by Lars took another direction. A real cut in the musical history of Goldust was, when our new drummer joined us, because on the one hand a lot more influences we didn’t have before came into the band with Christoph, on the other hand his technical skills, enabled us to do things, we didn’t even think about before. I think in retrospective, the first release with Christoph on drums, “Destroyer / Borderlines LP”, was kind of a phase of orientation. We tried a lot of things and tried to get as much musical style elements as possible into every single song, no matter how… But I think we’re at a point now, where we kind of left this phase behind and are able to do the whole thing more self-confident. We know better now, which musical direction we want to take, also we know better now what the others are up to. I think we are on a satisfying way for every member now.


It differs so much. In the last 3 or 4 years I rarely listened to hardcore, I’m not familiar with what’s going on in the scene. I listen to lots of different stuff – this sounds horrible now… anything that’s on the radio… no… when I am conductive to our songs, what I do from time to time, then it’s drawn from stuff, which has absolutely nothing to do with hardcore or metal or doom or sludge or whatever. It’s like this with the others, too. Our drummer listens to totally different music. It’s hard to limit one of our newer songs to one influence, that just doesn’t happen.


Yeah, Phil Spector! He’s like 70 now, he recorded his last band 20 years ago… The Ramones worked with him at the end of the 80s, he forced them with a gun to listen to him playing the piano for 12 hours constantly and I think it would be amazing if he recorded a song for us. That would be an amazing feature. I would be into recording with Steve Albini. The thing is, you could hear, for once, on this record, how truly shitty we play. What’s the name of this NuMetal producer again? Steve Albini? No… He produced Korn and the likes… Rob…… He did the first Korn record. I think that would be funny, it would come out on Victory. 3,2,1… decision! I choose a room then, with lots of old microphones and the person is the room. Ok.

The animal Goldust

We saw a seagull at the Chiemsee. One? A swarm… about a thousand seagulls. We fed them with crisps. We are the band with the heart of a seagull! We are like seagulls. We like crisps and if we see something, we want to have it, everyone at once. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of bread, a piece of tofu or anything… and we make our feast out of it. We are a swarm of seagulls basically.


One split is yet to be released with Lightbearer from Essen, the songs are already recorded. It was supposed to come out on Cobra records in the next time. Another split is planned with our tourmates Deathrite, which we will record new songs for. To be released on Per Koro and Life and Death records. We are also going to record a new full length, which we are already busy writing for. We will be existent for quite some more time and we will come if you call for us. If it’s not a show in Bratislava on a Wednesday evening – we would like to go there nonetheless of course… everywhere! Definitely!

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