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Hangin’ Tough: in your face straight edge

Hangin’ Tough: in your face straight edge

Every once in a while a straight edge band comes along with lyrics that leave no room for misunderstanding. Project X and Floorpunch are great examples of this kind of bands. Now there’s Hangin’ Tough from Cologne, Germany.

With lyrics like this:

you posed so hard, got a big mouth, you fucking fake. you always had the blackest x’s on your hands. you said it was a lifetime commitment for you. you weenie! you never had a clue. 

now you lost the edge and moved to berlin. So here you are now, pretty little hipster boy. 
looking like a moron and celebrating drug addiction as a sort of political act. that’s whack! electro is the new rave. v-necks and chest tattoos are the new crop tops and tramp stamps. and i really don’t know what’s worse. do you remember what the descendents sang: 

i ain’t gonna pick you up. when you’re lying in the street. With a needle in your arm. selling your body for another fix. 

edge break 
face break! 
straight edge!

The band sure gets a lot of attention.

The Hard and Sole demo will be released on Save My Soul Records according to the band’s bandcamppage.

Do we need a band like this? Please check out the songs and decide for yourself:

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