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Hangin’ Tough: in your face straight edge

Hangin’ Tough: in your face straight edge

Every once in a while a straight edge band comes along with lyrics that leave no room for misunderstanding. Project X and Floorpunch are great examples of this kind of bands. Now there’s Hangin’ Tough from Cologne, Germany.

With lyrics like this:

you posed so hard, got a big mouth, you fucking fake. you always had the blackest x’s on your hands. you said it was a lifetime commitment for you. you weenie! you never had a clue. 

now you lost the edge and moved to berlin. So here you are now, pretty little hipster boy. 
looking like a moron and celebrating drug addiction as a sort of political act. that’s whack! electro is the new rave. v-necks and chest tattoos are the new crop tops and tramp stamps. and i really don’t know what’s worse. do you remember what the descendents sang: 

i ain’t gonna pick you up. when you’re lying in the street. With a needle in your arm. selling your body for another fix. 

edge break 
face break! 
straight edge!

The band sure gets a lot of attention.

The Hard and Sole demo will be released on Save My Soul Records according to the band’s bandcamppage.

Do we need a band like this? Please check out the songs and decide for yourself:

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  1. Just Killing Time said on 2011-10-12

    I always thought straight edge and tuff guy lyrics about breaking faces were a little weird together.

    Like Devin from Cobra Skulls sings it:

    [quote]I don’t think that Ian would approve of what I’m seeing
    The substance you abuse I call another human being
    You’re not convincing me to come to your conclusion
    If alcohol’s the problem, how is fighting the solution?

    Hey bad apple, tell me are you straight edge or high on violence?[/quote]

  2. Onno said on 2011-10-13

    nice lyrics