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Hardcore at the 013, Tilburg (NL)

Hardcore at the 013, Tilburg (NL)

Old school and new school. At 013 popcentre in Tilburg, both schools are welcome. And in every possible way. Like on Friday July 27th, when trash punkers D.R.I. visit 013. The Dirty Rotten Imbeciles were there at the inception of the hardcore genre. A band that benefits from that is Comeback Kid. Probably the most populair hardcore band around right now. They will come to the 013 popcentre as well, a month earlier, on Thursday June 28th. Dutch pride No Turning Back will also take the stage that night. But there’s more: ex-Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins comes to 013 on Tuesday July 31th for a spoken word show. He’ll talk about politics, art, beliefs and music, but also the normal things in life, like relationships and… err.. Harry Potter.

Old school or new school, it doesn’t even matter. These artists have proven their worth lots of times over the years.

In short:

Thursday June 28th – Comeback Kid + No Turning Back + Marathonmann
Friday July 27th – D.R.I. + Milkman + Toxic Shock + Sex Drive
Tuesday July 31th – Henry Rollins spoken word

Hardcore at the 013

Update: The Comeback Kid + No Turning Back show got cancelled.

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  1. xroldx said on 2012-04-27

    They announced today that Social Distortion is coming as well. Nice to see them in my own town.

  2. Just Killing Time said on 2012-04-27

    013, the small stage is perfect for (bigger) hc shows. I’ll never forget when I saw As Friends Rust there on their very first tour. I think they played 15 minutes (everything off the Fists of Time e.p., The First Song On The Tape You Make Her + a cover song I forgot were the only songs they had) but it was amazing. Never saw the band in that form again after that.

    Opening weekend with Product X, Guiding Line, H-Street, Oil and Reaching Forward was really cool as well.

    Too bad about the fights that always broke out during the metalcore shows in the early days (a show with Drowning and Out For Blood comes to mind), which almost got HC banned entirely from the venue (of so I was told). Glad that is all in the past and there are cool shows again from time to time. Too bad Frankie doesn’t do shows there anymore, his shows in the Batcave were always fun.

  3. Just Killing Time said on 2012-04-27

    Grade in the Batcave was also a very memorable show, with the singer puking behind a cab between songs, haha.

  4. xroldx said on 2012-05-09

    That opening weekend was really great. Other memorable shows in 013 to me were the American Nightmare show on their first tour, I believe that was also the show where members of RxF got into an argument with Kane.

    The Damned on Incubate, The Explosion opening up for Good Charlotte, the Editors, Snapcase was pretty good on the Destruction tour or whatever. Most of the shows by Frankie were memorable as well not for the legendary bands but for the good vibes.

  5. Pim said on 2012-05-09

    My first hardcore show (if I remember correctly) was at the Batcave in the 013. No Turning Back, I-Reject and Fight 121. I talked to Erik (Gio) who played guitar in No Turning Back back then at the local youth center and he said we should come check them out the day after (or the week or whatever) at the 013. No Turning Back blew me away. Hook, line and sinker 😉

    Playing at the Batcave was amazing too. We played a terrible show, but for us kids it was pretty cool the way we were treated etc. Good food, nice backstage. Pretty damn cool.

    Haven’t been to the 013 in ages. Last show I’ve seen there was Restless Youth (+ Peter Pan Speedrock a.o.) benefit show. Which was really great.

  6. Just Killing Time said on 2012-05-09

    One of the shows Frankie did that I remember vividly was with Know Your Enemy. I was there because Stockholm Syndrome played. Glory Bound opened, a band with Arjan (State of Mind) and Chris Trsh&Sk8te (whatever happened to that old grouch? 😉 ) and Cesco Youth on vocals. By far one of the worst and untight bands I ever saw play, hahaha. I remember KYE being pretty intense. Eventhough I was not really into that band at the time, this show was cool with people going apeshit in the pit if I remember correctly.

  7. xroldx said on 2012-05-09

    I also remember an Uppercut show right before they transformed into The Real Danger, the whole place went beserk on their stuff. Against Me! a while ago was pretty good as well as Make Do And Mend. I always love the bigger shows because the foyer of 013 is a great place to hang out and catch up with people.

  8. Just Killing Time said on 2012-05-09

    Probably not very fit for this website 😉 but the Parkway Drive show a few years back (with Your Demise and Emmure… yuk) was pretty memorable, with a dude in a rubber boat going all the way from the stage to the bar at the top of the stairs.

    • Pim said on 2012-05-10

      As for non hardcore shows. I’ve seen Ill Nino twice there. Probably wouldn’t go see them now haha, but the roadtrips were pretty damn good. Got to see Spineshank (guilty pleasure?) at one of those shows too.

      As for other shows I remember that fest MOJO put up that had a pretty good first edition (with Leeway!!!) and nothing but terrible follow up editions. Don’t even know the name anymore. It was amazing to see Leeway.

      Midsummer was fun. Seeing Modern Life Is War for the first time, they were good, but I already knew they would be way better on a smaller stage. Which they proved at the Goudvishal not much later. If I’m not mixing up shows I think Icepick opened that show, huge stage, but they did pretty well. We had booked a hotel nearby (pretty cheap too) and when there were no interesting bands playing we would just go back to the hotel and chill haha. We watched Gremlins. Sworn Enemy played, which I didn’t like that much but I wanted to hear them play IDS. Stuck around for the entire, boring, set, just to find out they weren’t playing that song. There also was a big screen with The Netherlands – Czech Republic.

  9. xroldx said on 2012-05-10

    Does anyone know if CBK cancelled the whole tour or only this show?

    • Pim said on 2012-05-11

      They’re apparently playing a show in Norway on this date now, so I think it’s just the 013 show.

  10. Nico said on 2012-05-11

    Product X, Guidingline and Reaching Forward was at the opening of the venue right?

  11. Nico said on 2012-05-11

    One of the best shows I have been to was Jello Biafra, he is such an unbelieveable good speaker and entertainer. If I could vote for him, I would.