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Harsh Realms release first single on White Russian Records

Harsh Realms release first single on White Russian Records

We are very excited to add a new band to the White Russian family; Harsh Realms.

A fairly new band, hailing from Holland, that will soon be playing stages near you, and will be unleashing a roaring single for all of you to raise you glasses to while singing along.

The new release “Sink In Time/Chemistry” will be available on 7″, cd single and as a digital release. More info on the exact date, pre-orders and all that sort of stuff you don’t want to read about right now will be posted here soon.

For now, give them a warm welcome. Pour yourself a drink, get in a comfy position, and click the play button on the video below, and before you know it you’ll be singing along to the awesome track “Chemistry”.

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  1. Bram Bergs said on 2012-09-12

    Since this link came out yesterday, I’ve been enjoying this track all day long! This is a more-than-welcome-band in the Dutch scene

  2. Pim said on 2012-09-12

    Sounds good indeed!

  3. Just Killing Time said on 2012-09-13

    This sounds way better than Overgrown, the old band these guys used to be in. Sometimes my home town still brings forth some decent music.

    • Guido said on 2012-09-13

      We actually had their tryout in St-Oedenrode a few months back. They kick ass!

  4. Geerten said on 2012-09-13

    Sounds awesome, I’m pretty stoked for their show at Boemtikfest this year!

  5. bootsman said on 2012-09-16

    FINALLY some dutch dudes are jumping on the orgcore bandwagon. This rules.