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Justice and True Colors play show in Moscow on May the 11th

Justice and True Colors play show in Moscow on May the 11th

justice and true colors in moscow flyer

Justice has been a band, officially, from October ’03 until march ’08. We went through some significant line-up changes, but always felt that the essence of the band carried on with each transition. We decided to play our last show when we felt that we had reached our potential and because we didn’t feel like Justice was a band that deserved less than 100% from it’s members. That last show was one of our best to date and it really reflected that we had made a connection with a lot of people from various places around the world. That day, many faces that had supported us, fed us, gave us places to sleep, etc. traveled to Belgium to see us, seemed like one big family reunion. After the last show, all of us in the band kept hanging out together and so when our friends in CW came over for a weekend (and since they had missed the last show) we thought it would be fun to play a couple Justice songs unannounced. Obviously stuff like that is fun because the effort you put into it is much smaller than the energy you get out of it. A year later or so, Ian Wiles was ending Dead&Gone records with one final show and he contacted us because he really wanted to have Justice officially play his show. We were reluctant at first (didn’t want to drag Justice’s name through the reunion mud) but agreed to do it and even managed to get the very first line up together, with Spoiler flying In from Canada. We made sure we practiced until those songs were tight and gave it all we had at Dead&Gone’s last show, you can look up the video online to see how much it paid off, it was perfect. So from then on we played those songs a couple of times, but never a full set, never as an official reunion, and never putting Justice on the bill. However, we thought if it ever felt right, we would probably just go ahead and do it. Which brings us to this poster. When Justice was touring, Russia was still somewhat unexplored territory as far as regular hardcore tours went, so the idea of playing there never really came up. But over the years we got in touch with some awesome people over there and together we decided it would rule for Justice to play an official show in Moscow. So, who knows what’s in store, but we’re going to give it our all, meet new people, see new bands, do all the things we love to do…

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