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Make Do And Mend announce details new record

Make Do And Mend announce details new record

Everything You Ever Loved the new record by Make Do And Mend will be released on June 19th on Rise Records. The record features eleven new tracks.

This is the artwork for the new record:

And this is what vocalist James Caroll had to say about the new record:

The word I’ve been using to try to sum it up for myself and other people is, the song are a lot rounder. I feel as though they’re a lot more dynamic. There’s certainly still heavy songs – in my opinion the heavy songs are heavier than ever – and then there are songs on which we never play a distorted guitar throughout the whole thing.


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  1. Pim said on 2012-04-20

    Really looking forward to this. End Measured Mile is one of my favorite records of last year.

  2. Just Killing Time said on 2012-04-20

    Both excited and affraid, because almost every record I’ve loved over the last years was followed by a record that deeply disappointed me. Can’t imagine this being a bad record, but I hope Part & Parcel was not an indication of things to come.

  3. xroldx said on 2012-04-20

    If you consider Part & Parcel as the follow up to End Measured Mile you might be safe with the new record Rik.

  4. Just Killing Time said on 2012-04-21

    Hahaha, yeah, you got me there. 😉