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ManLiftingBanner vinyl discography coming soon

ManLiftingBanner vinyl discography coming soon

Without a doubt one of the most influentual Dutch and European hardcore bands announced a new double vinyl discography coming this Xmas on Crucial Response records. The vinyl will include all songs from 1991’s Myth Of Freedom 7″ as well as 1992’s classic Ten Inches That Shook The World. The band also went back into the studio to record some new songs for this record with titles like God Bless the Poor and Wall Street Wars.


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  1. Onno said on 2011-10-10

    new song, yummie!

  2. Nico said on 2011-10-10

    Looking forward to this.

  3. manliftingbanner said on 2011-11-06

    We’ve recorded 8 new songs, we’re finishing the details on that, Burt’s busy on the cover, so hopefully all will be ready to be in the production process soon. Release date is set somewhere in December.
    Adam Carr, with the help of some great friends in NY, has been busy trying to collect material at the local #Occupy to make a video for some of the songs. Psyched about that too.
    We’ll start hitting the practice space again soon and play shows asap.
    You can contact us at,, or mail us at
    Great E-Zine by the way!

  4. Aart Steekelenbrug said on 2011-11-06

    Need to get this! So looking forward to some decent political hardcore songs!