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Members of Trapped Under Ice and Mindset team up in Angel Du$t

Members of Trapped Under Ice and Mindset team up in Angel Du$t

React! Records announced today that they’ve added a new band to their roster: Angel Du$t. The band features Justice Tripp (Trapped Under Ice) and Daniel Fang (Mindset/Praise/Turnstile). A record Xtra Raw should be coming this summer.

‘ The brain child of some of the wildest characters in the greater Baltimore Hardcore scene, ANGEL DU$T may not be quite what you’d expect from the members’ previous releases. When we first heard the demos we weren’t quite sure what we were listening to, but we knew it was definitely punk and most importantly, definitely something we wanted to be a part of. Get ready for what might be one of the most unique bands of 2013. We are stoked to announce we’ll be releasing their debut ep, XTRA RAW this summer. We hear traces of Bad Brains groove and skate punk riffs with choruses we can’t seem to shake, but mostly we hear the unique talent and style of the individuals involved. We recommend listening and making your own conclusions. ‘

Check a video for Slam here

Go to the REACT! Bandcamp for free downloads of SLAM and the exclusive track SLEEPWALK…

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