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Minutes from Germany stream their upcoming 12″

Minutes from Germany stream their upcoming 12″

Who is old enough to remember the 90s? Ever heard of Struggle or Ink & Dagger? Or maybe labels like Ebullition, The Great American Steak Religion or Old Glory? Well, the guys in Minutes are not old enough to remember and prior to sharing their music they had never heard of any band or label mentioned above. Yet they remind me of Struggle and a little Ink & Dagger.

So they are certainly not copying a certain band. It’s rather that their influences from roughly the last 10 years in hardcore have somehow led them to recreate a sound that was already big once and transcend it into today. Which by itself is more than amazing if you ask me. Especially because I really love everything they remind me of.

Stream the whole thing to hear what my gibberish is about

[bandcamp album=3530281042 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]

Good Intentions HC are working on having the 12″ vinyl available in time for their Euro tour in March.

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