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New band Triplehorn (ex-Rorschach / Kiss It Goodbye)

New band Triplehorn (ex-Rorschach / Kiss It Goodbye)

Some Will Never Know received an email from Triplehorn with a link to two MP3s.  You can listen to them here:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Grisdale”]

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”13 Corners”]

Or visit their site at

Imagine Rorschach, just as weird, but with a much heavier sound. When you don’t like the songs at first, please listen to it another time. It gave us the same very strange feeling Rorschach did with their two albums.

No wonder because Rorschach’s old bass player Thomas Rusnak (also played in Kiss it Goodbye) is in Triplehorn. They have scheduled their first shows in Portland and Seattle.

We didn’t receive any news about a possible release but these songs made us curious what will come!

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