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New band: Zachte G Harde P

New band: Zachte G Harde P

Patrick Delabie (Studio 195) got in touch with us about his new band:

Patrick Delabie (guitar) and Niels de Wit (bass/guitar) are doing the same thing they were doing some thirty years ago: playing punk rock! Vicious, back-talking and ruthless punk rock. Today, after three decades of close friendship, these seasoned musicians are finally combining their strengths. In the brand spanking new outfit ZACHTE G HARDE P they are joined by Melanie “Meel” van Dongen (vocals) and Antal Derene (drums), two thirty-somethings that breathe pure punk passion. Being well-hung as well is just a bonus.

Hailing from several different parts of The Netherlands, but operating mostly from Rotterdam, it’s no surprise that these guys consider the legendary Rondos to be one of their prime influences. However, The Wipers and Avengers have also left their mark on ZACHTE G HARDE P, as well as The Germs, who were in fact so influential that the band has one of their songs on their repertoire. Anyhow, these guys-and-one-gal know their classics.

The release of their debut album, completely sung in their native Dutch tongue, marks the point of no avoidance. Connaisseurs are already wise to this: world dominance is the only way to go for this Supergroup. Because ZACHTE G HARDE P is hornier than Jimmy Saville, more culturally correct than The Daily Show and, more to the point, a hell of a lot more punk than all those bedwetters who have been missing the point for the last two Introducing : ZACHTE G HARDE P!

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